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Picture of the Day 2.0

Update your wallpaper's image every day with this program
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Sometimes we get bored with Windows' default wallpapers and want to add new ones to our desktop. This program can be a solution, since it can connect to several Internet sites featuring a different picture every day. The program downloads each site's picture and sets it as our default wallpaper. We can set the program to change the wallpaper every day or in any given amount of time, for example, every hour. Also, it can display the downloaded image either at its original size, as a mosaic, or stretched to fit our desktop's size.

The program includes an assortment of sites to suit many different tastes with themes such as pets, bikinis, astronomy, cartoons, and so on. Nevertheless, not all of them work properly and some are discontinued. To solve this problem and to add even more variety, you can search the Internet and add those "Picture of the day" sites that you like most. Also, you can edit the list of sites by deleting those that don't work, and changing their order so the ones you like most can be on the top of the list.

The program is free, but you need to provide a valid e-mail account to download it.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • It changes your wallpaper automatically
  • You can add more sites to the default ones


  • Several sites don't work
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